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What is the difference? OEM, remanufactured, compatible?

Before we make any conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of the cartridges, the best thing would be to define the differences, starting from the definitions. Definitions: OEM cartridges: short for Original Equipment Manufacturer - producers of these cartridges are also the manufacturers of printers, many refer to them as the originals. Compatible cartridges: brand new cartridges produced by the factories that are not manufacturers of printers, the term "for-use" toners is often used for them. Remanufactured: This term is used for factory rebuilt, remanufactured toners, they are factory serviced and refilled cartridges. If necessary, some parts are repaired or replaced with new ones. Advantages and disadvantages: OEM cartridge is the one that comes with the printer you purchase (typically laser one has less printing capacity) and guarantees the print quality, the number of printed pages ... Actually, you can be sure that everything will be fine if you buy an OEM cartridge. But the big disadvantage is the PRICE. In some cases the set of cartridges can be more expensive than the printer itself! Compatible cartridges save 50-80% of your money and they are an excellent choice for everyday printing. Quality is very good, it varies from one manufacturer to another, so you should pay attention to the brands, or to the factory where it is produced. Factory remanufactured toners and cartridges are also a lot cheaper than OEM, but not to the same extent as compatible. The reason is that they are not part of mass production as compatible ones are, because only empty original cartridges are used in production. Variation in the quality can be a disadvantage, but if you use trustworthy brands of the best manufacturers in the world, you will be satisfied. Conclusion: If you require outstanding print quality, and you do not want to think whether the colours will be the same as of the first cartridge that came with the printer you have bought, then your choice is OEM cartridge. If you use printer on daily basis, then the most profitable for you would be to choose from compatible or factory remanufactured cartridges. You will not make a mistake with that since VINTEC Ltd. cooperates only with reliable, world-renowned factories and quality is guaranteed. Do you still have doubts? Call us. Our experienced team will give you reliable information and help you to make a choice!

NEW offer: Laser toner CF226A - compatible

We are pleased to announce that highly desirable item - laser toner CF226A is available starting from this week.

NEW offer: Laser toner CF281A - compatible

Another popular new item is now here, ready for delivery!

NEW offer, Laser toner CF400-3X - compatible

We follow your needs - new, very desirable colour laser cartridges, with larger capacity of the printing!


We are informing you that from this year we included in the assortment a large number of new laser toners of brand IMpress for printers that we did not have in our offer before- BROTHER